Despite a number of converts, global warming is still not universally accepted among scientists. I, who am not a scientist, am still on the fence. After being pounded with snow for two recent weeks in Syracuse, it’s hard for me to truly visualize such a concept.

This theory may be too simple an explanation of our time’s relative warmth. Earth’s natural history appears to be more complex. The earth has gone through times of warmth and times of cold. We have had more than one ice age in the past. And unlike the snowy place it’s been for a long time, Greenland was once green.

So global warming may not be so sound an issue for the environmental cause to hang its hat on, so to speak. But this does not invalidate the environmental cause. It is clear that if we abuse the earth, it will not sustain us.

This is the principle of Karma. It is the principle behind all of the world’s main religions. Yet since the Industrial Revolution, business people have placed greed above the general good. And politicians have placed greed above the general good in allowing industry to so abuse the earth.

Those who pollute the environment are amazingly shortsighted. Fools! The earth will not sustain your children.

The U.S. has long lagged behind other countries in enacting vigorous environmental regulations. It is time for comprehensive international environmental regulations. And the U.S. must set the Clean Air Act back on its feet.

The time for environmental protection is now.

About jalesy55

Charles Lupia is a playwright, freelance writer and lawyer. His blogs cover a range of topics, from politics to entertainment.
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