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There are precious few books on the art of writing lyrics for the musical theatre.  One is Oscar Hammerstein’s Lyrics, published in 1949, which contains not only many of Hammerstein’s finest lyrics but also an insightful essay by him on … Continue reading

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One of the great passions of my life is food.  Especially cake.  I have always loved cake.  There are photographs of me as a small lad enthusiastically eating cakes: not neatly, but such are the side effects of passion. My … Continue reading

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One of the direst results of the current depression has been the avalanche of mortgage foreclosures.  Foreclosure itself has become big business.  Foreclosures are granted by the courts en masse.  People move from their homes, and many houses lie vacant … Continue reading

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Congress and the President continue to argue over what is actually a small part of the federal budget.  If an agreement is not reached, we are told, perhaps validly, our economy will suffer a catastrophe.  All in all, it doesn’t … Continue reading

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