The tea party has brought some women before the public eye.  These include Christine O’Donnell and Michelle Bachmann.  The tea party has also helped to keep reality show-friendly Sarah Palin before the public.

As these women are right-wingers, they have been attacked by the left.  Even a number of women have attacked them.  As not everything these women have said is historically accurate, they have often been easy to ridicule.  Bill Maher has helped lead the attack, and many women have followed.

But the situation is actually quite complex.  It calls for contemplation.  It’s similar to what happens in the business world, where women regularly work against each other.  But women don’t need to shoot each other down.  There are more than enough men to do that for them.  The corporate world is still male-dominated.

So is politics.  When Hilary Clinton ran for the Democratic Party nomination in 2008, she was clearly the most qualified candidate.  Yet the Party gave the nomination to Barack Obama, who, while being something of a political neophyte, was nonetheless a male.

When John McCain named Sarah Palin as his presidential running mate, the only prominent woman who spoke in support of Palin’s candidacy was Geraldine Ferraro.  Ferraro was a liberal Democratic, and quite opposed to much that Palin stands for.  But Ferraro had had her own troubles as running mate to Walter Mondale, and she understood Palin’s situation.

When a woman runs for public office, other women may disagree with her.  They may even dislike her.  But they may wish to think on whether or in what ways they will oppose her.

A certain balance is needed.

About jalesy55

Charles Lupia is a playwright, freelance writer and lawyer. His blogs cover a range of topics, from politics to entertainment.
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