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I don’t know if the current musical Sister Act is better than the Whoopi Goldberg film it is based on.  I didn’t see the original.  But the musical, playing at the Broadway Theatre, was definitely the highlight of my recent trip to New York.  It is nonstop funny.  And Alan Mencken, the composer, did a good job in making variety even among its mock-disco songs.  Yet it was probably Chester Gregory, dancing as Eddy, who stole the show.  All in all, it produced probably the most enthusiastic audience I’ve witnessed.

 While we were in NY, my wife and I also went to Top of the Rock, located at 30 Rockefeller Center.  At the top of 30 Rock, we were given a view of the rivers surrounding Manhattan similar to that provided by  the Empire State Building.  Our tour of Rockefeller Center, which was part of the package, was helped by a knowledgeable guide, who showed us a large amount of Art Deco sculptures and paintings.

 The Saturday night of our visit was marked by Occupy Wall Street activity in Times Square.  That night we stayed away from Time Square.  We’d seen the show the night before.  But walking down Sixth Avenue in the forty blocks, we saw considerable commotion.  A large number of police officers stood watching the side streets, and paddy wagons sat filled with protesters.

That’s the thing about New York.  You see much that is historical, but you also see history being made.

Finally, I can’t omit mentioning our first visit to the Magnolia Bakery located in Rockefeller Center.  We’d been to the Greenwich Village Magnolia numerous times, so we decided to try the midtown branch, and found it in a relatively small nineteenth century building.  The midtown cupcakes actually tasted much better than the Village ones.

 As with Sister Act, improvements can be made on the original.

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Charles Lupia is a playwright, freelance writer and lawyer. His blogs cover a range of topics, from politics to entertainment.
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