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Newtown’s mass killer Adam Lanza destroyed his hard drive before he took his weapons to the school.  Police have tried to have this hard drive repaired in an effort to reconstruct  Lanza’s state of mind.  But his state of mind … Continue reading

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Child neglect by the poor is well known.  Child neglect by the rich is also well know socially, although not so documented by the government.  One of the most effective ways for the rich to place them in boarding schools, called … Continue reading

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Over the next few weeks a new pope will be elected.  It’s no secret that while many cardinals are gathered in Rome, only the ones under 80 will be allowed to vote. The practical purpose behind this policy is political. … Continue reading

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The common misperception is that musical theatre is low entertainment, an art form inferior to both  and straight theatre.  While too many musical theatre productions cater to this misperception, there is also a strong tradition of musical theatre as serious … Continue reading

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