A year after the Newtown school was devastated by a gunman, our state and federal governments have still failed to address gun violenceNew York passed a gun law targeting mentally ill patients.  In Congress, a gun control law was introduced, but failed.

The proponents of gun rights have become louder.  They insist that the right to bear arms is an absolute right, which it is not.  A child attending school has the right not to be shot.  Yet the government does nothing, and the shootings continue.

As guns are trafficked across state lines, gun control is constitutionally a federal issue.  Congress needs to again take up the issue, and pass reasonable gun regulations.


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Charles Lupia is a playwright, freelance writer and lawyer. His blogs cover a range of topics, from politics to entertainment.
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  1. Jim Graham says:

    I understand your comments on Gun Control, having said this, I want it be known that the answer is “enforce the laws we already have” and there is 90 % of the problem… I have been a gun owner ever since I was 8 years old RED RYDER air rifle, ok I know it’s just an air rifle but I was taught gun safety… There are several issues we can discuss on this subject including gun free zones, knee jerk reactions, media spin, personal responsibility, Family values and lets not forget Video games, why? There is one glaring answer, –do you know what it is?????? lets talk…

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