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computers self examine

There is so much mischief done by computer hackers. Information is uncovered. Recently several people doing business with Target recently had their financial information stolen by hackers. Hacking is now an international activity, and people from the world’s far side … Continue reading

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The recent news is filled with the misbehavior of several U.S. military leaders.  Apparently their sexual assaults have occurred at an epidemic frequency. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York introduced legislation to change the way allegations of sexual assault are … Continue reading

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return to the soil

Machines are the vines disconnecting us. Social media isolates. Return to the soil.   Disconsolate lovers, loitering youth, people in prisons, people broken by age and disease, men on the verge of becoming machines, return.   Grow your gardens. Build … Continue reading

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12 years a slave then and now

The film 12 Years a Slave is a valuable work of art.  Telling the story of a free black man who, in the 1840’s, is captured and forced into bondage, it has a good script and flexible dialogue.  Its direction … Continue reading

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