The U.S. Supreme Court was correct in holding gay marriage to involve a basic right.  Everyone has the right to be happy.  Huge numbers of gay couples over the years have been committed and monogamous in their relationships.  It is time they enjoyed the same legal rights and privileges as straight couples.

Opponents of gay marriage have argued that gay marriage would destroy the sanctity of marriage.  To the contrary, it has been the straights who have, in recent decades, threatened that sanctity with their rampant divorces, protracted custody battles and lack of seriousness or maturity in choosing partners.  We can hope that gays will show more wisdom and maturity in making their choices.

I would, however, add a cautionary note on this issue.  While the majority of U.S. citizens have swung over in their support of gay issue, this issue remains deeply divisive.  Many people remained opposed to gay marriage on moral grounds.

And these people include the religious leaders and clergy.  While gay marriage rights must be recognized by state and local governments, churches should not be compelled to officiate marriages that their priests, ministers, rabbis or imams oppose.  Nor would such compulsion be legal, for religious rights are recognized in the federal constitution’s first amendment.  The State of New York, in passing legislation to make gay marriage legal, shrewdly inserted a clause saying that churches would not be compelled to officiate such marriages.

We do not need lawsuits on this issue.




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Charles Lupia is a playwright, freelance writer and lawyer. His blogs cover a range of topics, from politics to entertainment.
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