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REMINDER: By book of poems ON A RAINY NIGHT, is on sale free of charge through Amazon Kindle from Tuesday, October 1st, through Thursday, October 3rd.  Anyone with a Kindle, laptop, tablet or computer can download a copy. Please feel … Continue reading

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Recently I published a book of my verses: ON A RAINY NIGHT.  Next week, from October 1st through October 3rd, the book can be downloaded for free through Amazon Kindle.  Anyone with a computer, Kindle or tablet can download the … Continue reading

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Recent episodes of the Netflix series Stranger Things, set in the early 1980’s, featured scenes in a shopping mall.  The teenage characters were shown walking past such Mall mainstays as Orange Julius and Radio Shack. Indeed, teenagers of the 1970’s … Continue reading

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went to see the film Hustlers the other the night without much in the way of expectations.  After all, the film, directed by Lorene Scofaria, stars Jennifer Lopez. whose film career has faltered time and again from less than adequate … Continue reading

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As an undergrad, I majored in English.  I knew by then that I wanted to be a writer, and I anticipated that this would be the best route to go by. So my last year and a half at the … Continue reading

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