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Charles Lupia is a playwright, freelance writer and lawyer. His blogs cover a range of topics, from politics to entertainment.


The falcon women in my life were born on islands: my wife, Oahu, in the hospital known for Pearl Harbor, my mother Long Island of the hurricanes, one grandmother, the policeman’s daughter, Staten Island, the other Sicily, where Aetna rocked … Continue reading

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As the daytime temperature remains above 100 degrees, I walk the city streets thinking of lakes and woodlands.  Especially lately, I’ve been remembering Alaska. The wildness of Alaska always captured my imagination.  As a lad of eleven, I hoped that … Continue reading

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I’m here to talk about something I call Critical Patriotism.  We all know only too well that our government’s practices are often a far cry from the ideals we espouse as Americans. I have repeatedly witnessed gross injustice occur in … Continue reading

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I’ve come to consider New York City trips as including stops in the Hudson Valley.  The Hudson Valley is a particularly rich area.  Rich in history, and handsome in topography.  It seems to have almost as much history as the … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago I saw the musical version of Beetlejuice.  Based on the classic Tim Burton film, Beetlejuice is currently running at the Winter Garden, a space best remembered for hosting Cats. The musical follows the film relatively closely.  … Continue reading

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One of the seemingly strangest areas of real property law involves of air rights.  Yet this esoteric area has become quite pertinent, particularly as buildings have climbed to unprecedented heights in urban areas. The buildings and activities of our neighbors … Continue reading

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I first met David Feldman at a play workshop hosted by Syracuse Contemporary Theatre (SCT).  As head of SCT’s new plays reading program, David sat at the workshop listening to the plays and making helpful comments.  When the workshop concluded, … Continue reading

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