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When you get on a subway in New York City, you see rows of people holding cellphones.  At restaurants in Syracuse, where I live, I’ve often seen entire families with cellphones: father, mother and children paying no attention to each … Continue reading

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Child neglect by the poor is well known.  Child neglect by the rich is also well know socially, although not so documented by the government.  One of the most effective ways for the rich to place them in boarding schools, called … Continue reading

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Over the next few weeks a new pope will be elected.  It’s no secret that while many cardinals are gathered in Rome, only the ones under 80 will be allowed to vote. The practical purpose behind this policy is political. … Continue reading

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On Friday, December 21st, the NRA broke its silence after the Connecticut school shootings.  At a press conference, the NRA’s vice-president suggested that future catastrophes could be avoided by the presence of an armed guard in each school.   A bad … Continue reading

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We live in an Orwellian society.  There’s no question we are being watched.  Many cities, in order to catch traffic infractions, now have cameras posted at intersections.  It is standard for stores and other businesses to position security cameras so as … Continue reading

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Death is her shadow, Hunger her trainer, Love her motive. War is her region’s past and fam’ly’s future. She strives, and still loses most ev’ryone.   So you with Plenty’s keys in your hands so soon, how do you see … Continue reading

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The socialist George Bernard Shaw said that wealth is as hard on the rich as poverty is on the poor.  Certainly with regard to parenting, this is true. The problems poor people have as parents are well known.  They are … Continue reading

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Even in the sea of noise and electronic congestion, life still has some pleasures.  One, I own, is eating.  Another is shopping for food, which requires the similar organs of imagination and memory.  As I get older, and a number … Continue reading

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I’ve blogged a few times before about my passion for cakes.  What doesn’t make sense to me is the current interest in fondant.  Fondant is a substance used for decorating cakes.  Hence it’s been featured in the making of elaborate … Continue reading

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There are many distressing things connected with illness.  One of the things that distresses me the most is the manner in which people in the healthcare system now address patients.  As patients enter doctors’ offices and clinics, receptionists and nurses … Continue reading

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