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One of the seemingly strangest areas of real property law involves of air rights.  Yet this esoteric area has become quite pertinent, particularly as buildings have climbed to unprecedented heights in urban areas. The buildings and activities of our neighbors … Continue reading

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As a writer I’ve had success in a number of genres.  The one gaping exception is on the subject of mental illness, or our society’s neglect of it.  It’s one topic that people don’t want to deal with. A number … Continue reading

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Whether we are alcoholic, diabetic, catatonic, disease is a legacy we’re given.  What part our choices play in this is not resolved by MRIs.   By their deaths I was from family members disconnected through the same disease connecting me.  … Continue reading

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return to the soil

Machines are the vines disconnecting us. Social media isolates. Return to the soil.   Disconsolate lovers, loitering youth, people in prisons, people broken by age and disease, men on the verge of becoming machines, return.   Grow your gardens. Build … Continue reading

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In 1928, George Bernard Shaw finished The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism, his Magnum Opus as an economist and social philosopher.  Prompted by a question from his intelligent sister-in-law, Shaw sought to explain to women the world’s major … Continue reading

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Sometimes an event is planned: a wedding, a graduation, a party, a football game.  It doesn’t happen.  It gets cancelled.   You try not to think about it.  But you spent too much time before the event mentally rehearsing the things … Continue reading

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A year after the Newtown school was devastated by a gunman, our state and federal governments have still failed to address gun violence.  New York passed a gun law targeting mentally ill patients.  In Congress, a gun control law was … Continue reading

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