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At the corner I’d wait for chrome fenders to signal closure to my father’s work day.   When his green care drove up, I’d climb in as front passenger, and talk a stream while the poor man drove and listened. … Continue reading

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In 1928, George Bernard Shaw finished The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism, his Magnum Opus as an economist and social philosopher.  Prompted by a question from his intelligent sister-in-law, Shaw sought to explain to women the world’s major … Continue reading

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Comic book superheroes have been with us for a long time.  Perhaps too long.  A friend of mine whose children are grown still wears superhero t-shirts.  I see Spiderman on his shirts most often. The modern superhero started with Superman, … Continue reading

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Recent NYC

I don’t know if the current musical Sister Act is better than the Whoopi Goldberg film it is based on.  I didn’t see the original.  But the musical, playing at the Broadway Theatre, was definitely the highlight of my recent trip to … Continue reading

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The Canoe

The old Erie Canal runs through a park near Fayetteville, about a mile from where I grew up.  My brothers helped make the park, clearing trees near the canal path during their high school summers.  And I discovered this part … Continue reading

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