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Spring may be finally here. Our long-lingering winter is lingering still, but the sun’s becoming persistent. The other evening, I was driving toward my house. The sun was still out. Three skateboarders were on three skateboards. A woman was jogging. … Continue reading

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computers self examine

There is so much mischief done by computer hackers. Information is uncovered. Recently several people doing business with Target recently had their financial information stolen by hackers. Hacking is now an international activity, and people from the world’s far side … Continue reading

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While I’m committed to environmental protection, I try to be rational on current issues.  In trying to reject extremism, I’ve taken second and third looks at certain controversies.  Yet in the matter of hydrofracking, I still find, outside of economic … Continue reading

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When you live longer, how will you develop? With more time, how will you spend it? When you are larger, how will you mark the earth? With better food, will you eat more wisely?   I have tasted Death through … Continue reading

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The State of New York is heavily invested in hydraulic fracturing, better known as hydrofracking. The government insists that widespread hydrofracking in the state will stimulate the economy and create jobs. Our politicians focus, as usual, on short term effects, and … Continue reading

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Technologically speaking, the U.S.government has been groundbreaking in two areas.  The first is defense, which brought us the computer and the internet.  The second is the space program, out of which came the microwave and the cellphone. Outside these two … Continue reading

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