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Death is her shadow, Hunger her trainer, Love her motive. War is her region’s past and fam’ly’s future. She strives, and still loses most ev’ryone.   So you with Plenty’s keys in your hands so soon, how do you see … Continue reading

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Comic book superheroes have been with us for a long time.  Perhaps too long.  A friend of mine whose children are grown still wears superhero t-shirts.  I see Spiderman on his shirts most often. The modern superhero started with Superman, … Continue reading

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Hollywood has made some attempts at policing itself.  As political censorship is detestable, Hollywood has tried self-censorship as an alternative.  The first major self-censorship was the Hays Office, which began to impose rules in the 1930’s.  In recent decades, as … Continue reading

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The State of New York is heavily invested in hydraulic fracturing, better known as hydrofracking. The government insists that widespread hydrofracking in the state will stimulate the economy and create jobs. Our politicians focus, as usual, on short term effects, and … Continue reading

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Weather patterns continue to be bizarre. A scientist says that the magnetic center of the earth is shifting, the first time in centuries, and this is probably the best explanation for it. Two weeks ago, my wife and I tried … Continue reading

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Despite a number of converts, global warming is still not universally accepted among scientists. I, who am not a scientist, am still on the fence. After being pounded with snow for two recent weeks in Syracuse, it’s hard for me … Continue reading

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Plato Revisited

In his Republic, Plato looked at the types of people who could potentially lead the government.  He ruled out soldiers on the grounds they are motivated by warlike impulses.  He also ruled out businessmen, as they are governed by greed. … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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There are seldom exhibits of major art in central New York, and we are happy when we get them.  Last year considerable attention was given to the Impressionist exhibit given at the Everson in Syracuse.  And now, through December, the … Continue reading

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The public turned against George W. Bush with Hurricane Katrina.  His response to the catastrophe was, like that of the state and local governments, disastrously inadequate.  He showed how little he cared.   Now with the oil spill off Louisiana, … Continue reading

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